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Publishers celebrate women in the news

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Cologne, 01.03.2018, 17:54 Uhr
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Cologne [ENA] The future newsroom, its shape, journalism and products are the main topics of the 2018 World Association of Newspapers and Publishers’ (WAN-IFRA) news media congress in Estoril/Cascais, Portugal. Representing over 10,000 publications globally, the WAN-IFRA conference will discuss people, skills, tools and strategies needed to serve an image and video driven market amid shrinking advertising revenues and audiences.

The Frankfurt-based lobby organization said today that the 06-08 June meeting had a special dimension since it marked 70 years since it was founded. Vincent Peyrègne, the WAN-IFRA Chief Executive Officer, said that trust in media providers was increasingly precious. “The importance of reader-based revenue is supported by technologies helping us to better engage with our audiences. We discover new forms of collaboration and seek creative, innovative ways to cover news. At the heart of it all is, and will always be, quality journalism,” the CEO stated. Last year, the Golden Pen of Freedom, WAN-IFRA's annual press freedom award, was presented to Turkish journalist and former editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper, Can Dündar.

The gathering offers keynotes from powerful industry speakers including Tobias Henning, General Manager Premium, BILD and Wolfgang Kracht, Editor-in-Chief, Sueddeutsche Zeitung from Germany. Their audience including publishers, editors, women in news, business managers, digital and advertising directors, product managers, suppliers, academics and journalists will discuss case studies and gather strategic intelligence from the frontline of news publishing, “celebrate women in news” and salute press freedom champions, WAN-IFRA said.Its objectives include to defend and to promote freedom of the press, to support the development of newspaper publishing, and to foster global co-operation.

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